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My Hospital bag as a second time Mum


I felt a bit lost the first time I went to hospital for the birth of my son. I hadn’t fully discovered Pinterest at that point and the blogs I read were so varied in what you should and shouldn’t take that I just didn’t know what to do.

As a second time Mum and someone who has gone through both a natural birth and a caesarean for other reasons, I feel a lot more clued up this time as to what is and isn’t necessary for both baby and myself.

What I will be taking for my Baby boy


  1. Baby Swadlle from Swaddle up This swaddle allows baby to sleep with his arms above his head which is how both myself and Oliver sleep.
  2.  Going home outfits – These are outfits for when we take our little man home and undoubtedly will take photos of him and also for when people visit as it’s always nice for baby to be in a nice outfit for all those first family photos
  3. 4 Long sleeve pyjamas from Zara and Next which are first size. Oliver never got to wear this size. He was already 56cm when he was born but as this little one will be arriving earlier and is currently 48cm I will need these.
  4. 3 long sleeve bodies from H&M
  5. 2 first size leggings The hospital here supplies all in one pyjamas for at least two changes a day so technically you don’t have to bring any clothes at all if you don’t want too.
  6. 2 cardigans These are for leaving the hospital, with a spare for spit up.
  7. 5 pairs of baby socks
  8. 1 pair of newborn booties
  9. 1 baby towel A personal preference for bath time
  10. Baby receiving blanket I have a beautiful blanket that doesn’t appear in this photo that was my own blanket as a baby, but Oliver insisted he wanted this one as it is so soft!
  11. 4 short sleeve bodies to go under the pyjamas at night
  12. Baby wipes These are a must! You’ll notice I am not taking nappies, this is because the hospital provides these so I will only take 3 or 4 with me for when we leave the hospital to go home.
  13. Newborn dummy Absolutely not planning on using this unless it is totally necessary as it is so hard to get a baby  to give up a dummy- believe me I have been there
  14. Muslins- Very useful whether breat or bottle feeding
  15. Baby body moisturiser
  16. Tommee Tipee Closer to Nature Newborn Bottle for our journey home
  17. Carton of Formula Milk

Ask your Doctor or Hospital what they will and won’t provide in case you are not sure. For example ask whether they have milk and bottles if you aren’t planning on breastfeeding and whether they have nappies etc although you may still want to take your own.

What I will be taking for Mummy


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Hospital Bag for mum (2)

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This has been the biggest difference between what I packed the first time and the second time.

  1. 6 pairs of knickers I am willing to throw away. Whether you are having a natural birth or a caesarean you will be bleeding ALOT afterwards and although the hospital will provide you with pads (use them, they are way better than the ones you buy in the supermarket) you may well need to throw this underwear away afterwards. Don’t take your best underwear
  2. Breast feeding Bra– I am not planning on breast feeding this time but I never say never so I will be taking this anyway. Lots of different choices and brands here at ASOS
  3. Breast feeding pads – Just in case, these are for any leaks.
  4. Nightdress– This is to wear after giving birth as I wanted something that wasn´t a hospital gown to sleep in, but it needs to be a dress as the day after giving birth, the Gynaecologist is constantly checking you down there to look at swelling/bleeding/stitches.
  5. Dressing gown and slippers– Hospitals can be cold so this is for extra warmth and for moving around the hospital.
  6. Stretchy leggings, vest top and jumper– This is an extra outfit for when visitors come and you don´t want to be in a nightdress but need something comfy.
  7. Hospital outfit- As in what I will wear to the hospital and home. You may need two depending on whether your water has broken or not before you leave home. Some people will suggest maternity clothes. I just chose something stretchy for coming home as your stomach won´t go straight back to pre-pregnancy but for some women like myself, you don´t have enough pooch afterwards to warrant full blown maternity trousers.
  8. Post partum Body– Literally what it says, this squidges everything back in to the right place and I will wear this or a belly band after giving birth until I feel my tummy is going back to it´s normal place! I like these types of belts or these.
  9. Things not shown– My kindle and a charger– days can be long in a hospital. Take something to do, whether it´s a book or whatever keeps you entertained. So important so don´t forget.
  10. My phone and charger.
  11. Passport or Identity card- they won´t let you take baby home here until you have shown it.
  12. Portable hair dryer– Just incase they don´t have one.
  13. Makeup bag– you often have a lovely pasty color after giving birth!
  14. Glasses or contact lenses
  15. Snacks- I was seriously hungry after giving birth but didn´t want any of the things they had in the canteen. This time I will be preparing some healthy snacks to take with me.
  16. Water – Ofcourse there is water at a hospital but I drink a lot and that way I´m not constantly calling the nurses.
  17. Baby Car Seat
  18. Toiletry Bag

1. I will be taking dry shampooAussie Miracle – you don´t always feel like washing and drying your hair after labor or can´t after a caesarean.

2. Redken shampoo and conditioner sachets– ask your hairdresser for some sample sachets.

3. Toothbrush and toothpaste for myself, husband and son.


5.Makeup remover and cotton pads


7. Travel size Shower gel and stretch mark moisturiser (3 for 2 at Boots)

8. Stretch mark oil – It´s important not to neglect this after giving birth as stretch marks can appear when you lose weight as well as gain it.

9. Birth Plan or any paper work you may need.

10. Insurance Card and purse.

I hope this has been helpful to some of you. Not long to go now Ladies!

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36 week bump update

Wow, 36 weeks, where has the time gone? Even these hellish last couple of weeks on the sofa seem to be going by pretty quickly!

I thought I’d share with you all some of my latest bump pictures and do a quick question and answer!

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Baby really seems to have dropped now, which could explain the 4 am contractions and seriously painful movement from baby!
35 week bump

Tell me you don’t love the ensemble! I am all about comfy sweats at the moment and nothing seems to be covering that bump up

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I can feel a lot of movement in my hips and low down now

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Got to love the pointy boy bump and sticky out bellybutton!

Here are a few questions and answers about this pregnancy for those who are curious:

Sex of Baby: It’s boy number two – obviously a lot of testosterone in this house!

Weight gain: 10 kg. That´s seriously good for me considering I have been off my feet for so long and I put on twice as much in my first pregnancy.

Diet: During my first trimester I could barely eat, my second I was starving and my third trimester I have really had to control myself as it´s so easy when you are sitting around all day just to keep picking. What I didn’t do this time was eat for two and I tried to keep my protein levels up to avoid being hungry and thus snacking.

Here is a smoothie recipe I have been drinking a lot recently that you might want to try out if like me you´ve completely gone off meat and need some protein.

Ultimate Superfood Pregnancy Smoothie - a superfood pregnancy smoothie with everything you and your growing baby need

Exercise: I started Pilates really late in this pregnancy due to complications in my first trimester but I am soooo glad I did it. I think my back would have gone long before if I hadn´t exercised and I felt a lot more energised and fit this time around. If it weren´t for my back I would have carried on doing pilates until the birth but as it is I have had to stop this last month.

Sleep: I find myself getting sleepy late afternoon and if I don´t nap, which I usually don´t manage to do, I find myself falling asleep on the sofa really early at night. I cannot get comfortable right now so sleeping during the night is near on impossible, added to which I constantly need to pee now that baby is so low down and the braxton hicks seems to start around 4 am for about an hour until they die off.

Symptoms: Braxton hicks are out of this world right now. I can have a whole afternoon, a couple of hours or an entire day! Baby feels really low now and plug already seems to be coming away TMI. I´m also a lot more emotional this month and nesting has really kicked in.

Thoughts: Looking forward to getting my body back, and being able to move around freely. Dreading the continued sleepless nights but so excited to meet our new little man. Also worried about how to fit my work schedule and Oliver´s school schedule around the newborn or vice versa! Any tips VERY welcome!

Let me know how your pregnancies are going and how you were/are feeling at this point!


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