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Making Valentine’s Day special: Gifts for kids and Parents and some ideas to spice up your evening

I love celebrating just about any holiday and Valentine’s Day is no different.
I try and make Valentine’s Day something for the whole family,so Oliver makes a craft for his Daddy, we do something Valentine’s orientated as a family and I try to do something special for my Husband.
He isn’t a big romantic so I tend to get him a practical gift from me. Check out these ideas

Practical Valentines Day gifts for men

valentines gifts for men they'll love

From left to right: Whisker comb from Uncommon Goods, Waterproof bluetooth Shower speaker on Amazon  I-phone car mounts available in most online gadget stores and Amazon.

practical valentines gifts for men

Juice pack H2pro, R2D2 phone charger, Ok the glasses one is more for me as I´m constantly them haha, and for the Whisky Man in your life how about these whisky stones?

Ofcourse when it comes to Oliver I try and do something crafty and home-made which his Daddy always appreciates . I also try to make the gift practical, like cute photos of Oliver and Daddy for a frame or some Art work we can put on the walls.

This year we made some Art for our new bedroom hallway

OLIVER valentines craft.jpg

Kids Valentines craft footprint and handprint.jpgTo do something family orientated I try and organise a family picnic, or usually do something food related- we are foodies in this house.

This year as I can barely walk around, I chose to make these really simple Jam filled Hearts from the Sweetest Occasion which are always a hit.

Heart Shaped Pie Pops - 14 Valentine’s Day Treats to Make for Your Loved Ones:

I will also be making this for breakfast as it has become a tradition in our house

Cute & Easy Valentines Day Breakfast Sandwich recipe | repinned by www.whenangelscook.com:

When it comes to something special for Nacho and I, we can´t always get a night out (can I see hands raised, exhausted Parents and no babysitter.) So with Nacho not being much of a romantic, I try and do something cute for when he wakes up, like this idea

valentinesday ideas for men

I also think it´s important to try and keep the spark alive in a relationship, so what better excuse than Valentine´s Day?

I am in LOVE with the Lingerie from MKHnue. They have some amazing Bodies, Bras and Pants and there can´t be a husband in the world who wouldn´t appreciate this gift. Plus, you can feel great it in, and lets be honest Mummas, there´s not THAT many days when we feel sexy right? Cue baby spit up.

Sexy Lingerie

Total crush on this brand

So there you have it, whether it´s a family Valentine’s day, (see more ideas here on an earlier post) or a special night for two,(more ideas here on an earlier and my most popular post) make sure that your Valentine´s Day is memorable for everyone this year!

For some Valentine´s outfit ideas check out this post

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Valentine´s day ideas

So, Valentine´s Day is a mere twelve days away. To be honest, Valentines day was never a really big thing in our house. This was probably more hubby´s fault than mine, as he was a bit cave-manish when it came to these sorts of celebrations during our first years together.

A kid later, and I was ready for some Valentine´s Day appreciation. So a couple of years back I started trying to make more of an effort on Valentine´s day, lets face it, partly in the hope that I might get some appreciation back….something….

It took a while but we went from my sister getting a call to see what I might want for a present to Nacho actually thinking about what I might like.

I am a BIG flower girl so I was very happy that hubby finally caught on that I didn´t want a plant – ´´because they last

longer´´ – and actually wanted that bouquet of flowers that didn´t last very long but smelt amazing and made me smile every time I walked past them.


Lily is by far my favorite flower

We even did the whole lingerie thing last year – okay so maybe Nacho is now using Valentine´s Day to his advantage!

As I´ve said before, my man has everything he wants/needs and I literally am stumped when it comes to gifts for him.

He never really minds me getting him some new clothes – although he always complains he doesn´t need them- so I really had to think about gifts that were different.

Despite his appearance, hubby is a softie at heart and seems to appreciate more a home-made gift than anything else.

They say food is the way to a man´s heart and in our case it´s totally true, so I have whipped up heart cookies, heart pancakes for breakfast, and do a special Valentines meal at night if we can’t get out to do something.

As a gift I often arrange a big day out for the family which would be perfect this year as Valentine´s day falls on a Saturday! For those of you who are a bit stumped or who are ready to try something new this Valentine´s Day, here are some ideas for you

REALLY REALLY CUTE. five senses-- taste: yummy chocolates or something; sight: photos or drawings??? i guess maybe. art???; touch: lotions and soft/squishy things; smell: candles, hand sanitiser, and/or bath bombs!!; sound: mixtape :))))

For those looking for a sensual Valentines why not try out a                                                    a five senses experience

could care less about the pancake recipe... I only like my own buttermilk pancakes (yes I'm a snob....lol), but CUTE idea to do heart-shaped...... I'm so unimaginative.

Try some heart pancakes from Martha Stewart for those                                                         foodies

i like the one inside the car. just get a bunch of pillows for leaning on and blankets for laying on

Weather permitting, how about a romantic Picnic. This can be just the two of you, or something fun for the whole family, check out the DatingDivas Ideas

love the Moroccan style indoor picnic...cute & different date for valentine's day

We have also even done an indoor picnic if the weather is too cold – and                      right now that´s all we could do here!

Whatever you decide to do this Valentine´s Day, have fun, enjoy the people you love and if there´s no possibility for a romantic one on one date, make it a family affair and enjoy the love you have between all of you!

Get planning Ladies and Gents, not long now!