Hair and Beauty

Having worked as a model for several years I always try to keep my skin and hair in the best possible shape. This definitely starts from the inside with plenty of water, exercise, clean eating, and sleep  but it also means that when     I´m ´off-duty´ I try not to clog up my pores with heavy make-up or style my hair too much.

Fast forward ten years on from when I started modelling and there are certainly more days now where I just need a bit of a cover up or my hair needs to be hidden under a hat.

At the Hairdressers the other day, somebody asked me if I was wearing any foundation, and if so where could she get it! In the Winter especially, when I´ve lost any sort of glow from the summer, I often opt for Garnier´s BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector.

photo 1


If I´m going for a look that needs more coverage I vary between Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in Beige Ambre or Estee Laude´s Double Wear. Double Wear is one of those ´stay on your face in a Tsunami´ foundations that are used a lot on shoots.

photo 4I also love my St.Tropez Illuiminator which gives a pinkish glow which is better suited for winter skin I find, than  summer.

As a lipstick, I´ve been mixing it up this year as I didn´t get much of a summer break due to an ectopic pregnancy. I was indoors a lot and lost my tan very quickly, so the brown shades I usually use in winter made me look way too pale. To combat this, I had to go for a more pinky/red tone during the day whilst keeping to my classic red for weekends and special occasions.

Estee Lader lipsticks in Wild Orchard Crystal Shimmer and Red Tango.

Estee Lader lipsticks in Wild Orchard Crystal Shimmer and Red Tango.

These are definitely my picks for this Winter although I often chop and change things depending on the weather and my mood that day.

Although we´re all busy mums who often don´t have time for a full face of makeup/ don´t want a full face of makeup, I think you can never go wrong with some mascara and a day time lip color.



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