Affordable Party Wear for the pregnant Mummy

So, as I said in my last post, I had a pretty eventful time leading up to my sciatic nerve episode, and ofcourse Christmas and New Years was party season.
By this time, my bump had got pretty big, like I had suddenly gained all of that baby weight and belly I hadn´t put on until then and I was faced with the challenge of finding decent party dresses for myself and my bump.
There are ofcourse some pretty great but pretty expensive maternity stores that are meant to cater for pregnant party Mummas, but as I scrolled through their sites I was disheartened to see dress after dress that I would consider a day time dress being pawned off as an evening dress just because it would fit your bump.
I am definitely a fan of wearing non-maternity clothes during pregnancy, providing the fit is right. Buying online is a serious challenge as you have no way of trying the clothes on before you buy and you just don´t know if you will look like a sausage squeezed in to a too tight wrapper or whether you will look like you are indeed wearing a sack, as the size you ordered was just too big.
Looking for a highstreet brand in a hurry, I was wary of anything I saw on ASOS, as I had ordered several maternity dresses from them at the beginning of pregnancy and the fit was horrendous. Not one of their supposed ´Maternity Dresses´ took in to account the pregnant female form. My boy belly sticks out front and ALL of their dresses were wide on the sides and had no give at the front. When my plans changed for New Years Eve from casual dinner to masked ball, I had to find something appropriate fast.
This was the dress I chose to wear for New Years Eve



Doesn´t my little guy look so gorgeous in his Tux, which will soon be available on my online store!

Maternity occasion wear

I added a feather shawl from Biba to this outfit to really add that New Years Eve feel. It´s all in the accessories Ladies.

This is not a maternity dress but a stretchy, lycra material two sizes more than my normal size. I actually got to try this dress on (after trying on ten other ones) and this was by far the dress that left me with the least cleavage hanging out front and that looked like it could actually have been a maternity evening dress.
I was reallly short on time when buying this dress but if I had the time, there are some great non-maternity dresses out there that would be perfect for any special occasion.
The first, and a huge favourite of mine, is anything by Virgo´s Lounge.

Fancy Up The Bump - CARA LOREN - Virgos Lounge dress // Pinned by Dauphine Magazine, curated by Castlefield (wedding invitation, branding, pattern designs: International Couture Fashion/Luxury Wedding Crossover Magazine, Instagram: @ dauphinemagazine / @ castlefieldco. Dauphine and Castlefield only claim credit for own images.:

This is the beautiful Cara Loren wearing one of the Virgo lounge (non maternity) dresses.

They do some beautiful dresses anyway, and with the material being so stretchy, they look great on pregnant women at all stages. They also have an easy returns policy if the size isn´t right.

The second one is good old Zara, whether it be a black dress or a velvet number, certainly for the first two trimesters you can find something to wear here for a lower key event.

Image 2 of VELVET DRESS from Zara

This was my original New Years Eve dress when we were doing something more low key. I would have worn it more off the shoulders than the model, and with all your curves it looks great. In fact it looks much better as a maternity dress than as a normal dress! On SALE now at Zara Pregnancy blue velvet dress

If you are looking ofr something long and classic try BIBA Highstreet Maternity Occasion Wear who you can find at House of Fraser

Biba dress for pregnancy party outfit

I think there are a couple of dos and dont´s when it comes to shopping for highstreet dresses for those maternity Party Wear occasions.

  1. Don´t buy anything with zips- seriously, check out the photo, if there´s a zip at the back and your bump is now obvious, avoid it, boobs and bump grow!
  2. No zips at the back usually means that the material is stretchy and verstaile enough to fit over most womens curves.
  3. Material- don´t buy anything in stiff materials, check that the dress contins elastane/lycra
  4. Take advantage of Pinterest. Check out my own pinterest maternity board as well as other Mums for some great ideas you may not have though of yet.
  5. Be prepared to order a large or medium and not a small and that you might have  to send it back if you can´t try it on- give yourself time.

What tips and tricks do you have for dressing your bump during party season? Let me know!

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7 thoughts on “Affordable Party Wear for the pregnant Mummy

  1. You look so amazing, I wish I had looked that good when I was pregnant! My go-to maternity dress for dos was from TopShop’s Maternity range, it had a chiffon overlay so it could accommodate a growing bump. It’s so hard to find something that fits isn’t it! Becky #bestandworst


    • I discovered Topshop’s maternity range really late as I’m over in Spain and there wasn’t one when I lived in the UK. It’s amazing how at a time when you could use a confidence boost there is so little around to shop for! Thanks for stopping by and commenting xx


  2. Your dress looks beautiful on you!
    It’s hard finding maternity clothes that are not frumpy, wished designers were a bit more creative when it comes to maternity clothes


  3. You look gorgeous, all of you!! I remember being pregnant only buying one dress from New Look and it fit ok actually. I will definitely be bearing some of these in mind for next time. Love that Cara Loren dress. Thanks for linking with #bestandworst x


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