My Winter Boy Baby shower

Ok so I kind of fell off the blogging wagon. It wasn’t intetional, in fact I had so many bits lined up for the blog during my pregnancy, but then guess what happened….pregnancy happened, real pregnancy.

You ladies know what I’m talking about, well a lot of you do. It’s not the glowing, Earth Mother pregnancy where you stare for hours at your belly and pick Nursery colors. No lovely ladies, I’m talking about the pregnancy where you have to be sourcing out fabrics for your new line, meeting five different people a day to talk business, pick your kid up from school, take him to Golf on a Saturday, arrange a Christmas Dinner, sort out New Years, attend birthday parties…. oh and don’t forget that rucksack you’re wearing on the front that contains 8 plus kilos of baby kicking you in the hoo ha and the ribs!

Yep, that pregnancy.

Things started off so well, I was doing Pilates, keeping up with work and my son’s social life (not mine ofcourse.) Then my sciatic nerve got trapped due to my Spinal Hernias and all hell broke loose. Ok so that´s being a bit dramatic, but suddenly I was in excrutiating, never letting up pain and was advised that I should wait it out on the sofa if I didnt want to undergo Surgery on my back afterwards. Oh joy.

Anyway, before I reached that point, I did manage to get some really memorable momets in……it was probably those moments, joint with my work and family schedule that led to me going a bit overboard, but I´ll take you through them up until my back said Adios!


My Christmas themed Baby Shower


Everything was themed with red and beige. The rocking horse Oatmeal cookies were amazing and it was hard not to eat all the Chocolate goodies before the meal!



It was so nice to celebrate with all my Mummy friends and share our baby joy!


Buy Sleepyhead Deluxe Portable Baby Pod, White Online at


As my Baby Shower present, the girls got me this Sleepyhead cushion, available on Amazon and also at John Lewis. I had ummed and arred about buying this for ages until a friend mentioned that after having a non-sleeper like Oliver, the first time around, this had been a life saver when it came to sleeping with her second little boy.

You can put this anywhere, in a cot for night-time sleeps, in your bed if you´re co sleeping or in any large space where your baby may feel the need to feel a bit more snuggled up after having spent so much time in your cramped belly.

So, I´ll be blogging over the next few weeks from my sofa, with pregnancy updates, style, what I have bought this time around and what wasn´t useful as a FTM, as well as Hospital bag updates etc.

Thanks for reading!


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12 thoughts on “My Winter Boy Baby shower

    • I think how your pregnancy goes really is down to luck. I was very lucky with my first pregnancy and this time I was lucky to be pregnant at all, so that makes it all worth it! xx


  1. I did not glow in my pregnancies so you’re not alone lol. Your baby shower looks like it was fab. Those chocolate treats look delicious (extra delicious to me right now as I’m currently on a diet. AGAIN!). I wish I’d had one of those slept things for my non sleeping son. It looks mega comfy.



    • Ah the dreaded diet! Not looking forward to trying to shift the baby weight Ive undoubtedly gained by being sofa-bound 😦 Crossing my fingers that this LO will sleep better than his brother did! Thanks for stopping by x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I know exactly what you mean about pregnancy ‘happening’. Time seems to have speeded up and the hours in the day seem to have disappeared!
    Baby shower looks lovely. How your sciatic nerve problems improve x


    • Isn’t it crazy how different a pregnancy is the second time around when you have no time to even think about baby number two! Thanks for stopping by and I hope everything is going well for youxx

      Liked by 1 person

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