A DIY Bat Costume for Halloween

When October starts lurking, I have two things on my mind. Firstly, my Son´s Birthday Party which he has usually already chosen the theme for (see this years Dinosaur Party here.) The second is always our annual Halloween Party, which poses the question, ´What will my son choose to dress up as this year?´

Oliver decided this year that he wanted to be a bat. Not a vampire, no because we already have that costume. He wanted to be a bat.
I scoured the Internet in search of a decent bat costume, but living in Spain, that is a seriously daunting task, and anything from Amazon cost me more to ship it from the UK than the cost of the actual costume itself.
I knew I couldn´t let Oliver down as he was so excited about his costume,  but even with all the time I had ahead of me, there wasn´t a bat costume in sight that wasn´t fleece material, and with the sun still beaming down on us here, overheating obviosuly wasn´t an option.
I decided that my best option therefore, was to make the costume myself.

Bat Wings

I bought a piece of black fabric from a local store and after folding it down the middle, I got to work stenciling the neckline, and the bat wing pattern on to the fabric using white chalk.
I wish I had pictures for this part but I really didn´t think about blogging the Costume until I had finished and realised it might come in handy for other parents.
However, I found a great tutorial on-line which goes through the exact steps I did to make the wings.

Halloween DIY Bat Costume Tutoril

DIY Halloween Bat costume tutorial

Once you have your wings, you can either leave them as they are, or you can add some lines going down the wings to make them look more bat-like and less vampire-like, which was very important for my son.

I chose to draw gold lines, using 3D glitter glue

DIY bat wing halloween costume

We´ve even got out the skull Tablecloth from my Home Range to get us in the Halloween mood!

Next up was the Bat mask, which I did manage to get photos of for a tutorial 😉

I got together my materials:

Black felt

Skin Color felt

Fabric Glue

Black Elastic

Needle and Black thread

First I downloaded a batman mask for my template like this one from cutsey crafts.

Halloween Bat costume template I knew that I didn´t want to have Batman type ears so I cut off the ears of the template and cut out the eyes. I then traced it on to the black felt using a marker pen, I used a blue one but I would recommend you use white chalk to trace, as it´s easier to see.

Template Bat mask

As you can, or possibly can´t see, with a permanent marker the outline was very faint.

I drew on to my template, two bat- like ears as well as two small vampire-like teeth to make Oliver´s bat extra scary, just as he´d asked!

DIY bat halloween costume maskUsing my skin color felt, I drew around the existing black felt bat mask ears to get an idea of their size

Bat Mask HalloweenI then drew a second line inside the bat ears I had traced on to my skin-color felt to make the inside of the bat ears. I cut the inner ear out and, checking I didn´t have any pen marks showing on the good side of the ear, I stuck them to the black felt ears using fabric glue.

DIY halloween bat mask

I then filled in the fangs with the 3-d Gold glitter glue which Oliver loved.

Using a piece of black elastic I had at home, I then measured the elastic around Olivers head, and cut to size. I sewed each end of the elastic strip on to the sides of the mask. I sewed the elastic loosely enough not to put pressure on Oliver´s head, but tight enough not to be falling off every five minutes.

DIY Halloween bat costume

DIY bat costume HalloweenI teamed Oliver´s wings and mask with some black trousers and long sleeved top and his Halloween socks 😉

Happy Halloween!

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28 thoughts on “A DIY Bat Costume for Halloween

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  2. Wow – that is an amazing costume – I bet Oliver was really pleased! I like the idea of a bat costume too. I am not sure my skills are good enough to make it though! Thanks for sharing #TwinklyTuesday


  3. That’s so cool! I am in awe of your mad sewing skills. My attempt at an octopus for my son’s first fancy dress party looked pretty good but started to unravel after an hour or so. You should start a little business for all the Spanish based expats. You’ll have my custom if we make it out there next year.

    Thanks so much for linking up to #fartglitter xxx


    • My sewing skills started off that way too but I took some classes and bugged my MIL until she showed me. I now design childrens clothes and shoes so that probbaly helps! We live in an amazing part of Spain, Javea, which is so nice for families. Definitely worth a visit when you are out here! xx

      Liked by 1 person

    • That´s very sweet! My niece only seems to want to dress as Belle, but that´s actually an every day request haha! It´s so much fun when they start taking part in Halloween x


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