Mummy Monday

Having spoken with Oliver´s teacher at school last week, we were thrilled to hear that he is racing ahead in class and is in the top groups for literacy and mathematics in both English and Spanish.

I´ve always strived to keep Oliver in a routine with his school and homework, as well as to encourage learning through play.

If you´ve read some of my older posts, you´ll see that I often incorporate learning in to our weekend and holiday fun. By doing this, I feel that Oliver has learnt to enjoy all aspects of learning, associating it with fun times rather than a chore.

One thing Oliver´s teacher did pick up on is his lesson time on the mat. At school, work is either done at tables in groups depending on ability, or sitting on the mat in front of the teacher.

Now, Oliver´s attention span when he is genuinely not interested in something or there is something he finds more interesting around him, is pretty short. However, his teacher pointed out that Oliver is capable of following a lesson perfectly, whilst being given another task that keeps his hands occupied (like sharpening pencils whilst the others are sitting on the mat.)

This is something we were well aware of with Oliver, and we know it has a lot to do with Oliver´s need to feel challenged and to keep moving.

Having spoken with his teacher about the ways she could keep his attention going on the mat, we had a word with Oliver. He´s a child who thrives on praise, so we decided that it was time for another sticker chart.

I am a HUGE fan of sticker charts. They helped Oliver potty train and learn his morning school routine as a toddler, keep up with his chores as an older child and they are great for correcting behavioural issues. I really believe that structure is key with high energy boys like Oliver.

I found this great Halloween printable sticker chart over at Mums Days

Halloween sticker chart - free printable sticker chart / reward chart:

Oliver gets a sticker for every school day that we hear from his Teacher he has been listening and concentrating whilst sat on the mat or whilst the lesson on the mat is going on and he has been given another task. This means no fidgeting, talking or trying to get his best friends attention to have a giggle 😉 After five school days he gets to choose his reward.

I don´t like to give rewards in the form of sweets etc as I try to teach Oliver how bad sugary things are for your teeth. Instead he got to choose something fun to do with family or friends.

Oliver managed to get every sticker last week and we were so proud of him.

As a treat he got to go to the cinema on Friday night to see Pinocchio (but unfortunately I can´t recommend it!) We are big Pixar and Disney fans, (this film was neither.) It was absolutely mind numbing and far too long.

at the cinema

So karting in the morning it was!

Oliver was going to go on the one seater but decided he wanted to take mummy with him

Oliver was going to go on the one seater but decided he wanted to take mummy with him

Happy chappy wheeling a pregnant Mummy up and down

Happy chappy wheeling a pregnant Mummy up and down

We managed to get a lovely Mummy Son selfie

We managed to get a lovely Mummy Son selfie

Half way through my pregnnacy and the boyfriend jeans had their last trip out of the wadrobe!

Half way through my pregnancy and the boyfriend jeans had their last trip out of the wadrobe!

As we are back in school mode here at the Munoz-Brennan house, I´ll be updating over the next few weeks with routines, spelling test tips and tricks, learning resources and lots more Mummy/Son crafts and adventures!

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12 thoughts on “Mummy Monday

  1. I love your approach to encouraging healthy and positive learning habits. It can be a huge challenge to keep intellectually gifted children engaged, which ironically leads to many of them doing poorly in school, which is a terrible shame. I’m delighted to hear that your little one’s teacher knows how to help him shine. Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.


  2. I saw that reward sticker chart too, I love it! Luke is 2 so we’ve just introduced reward charts; we’re fighting that horrible toddler battle with teeth brushing. It seems to be working well so far… Go karting looks like so much fun! I’ll have to take Luke when he’s older. Ray xx #MummyMonday


    • Hi Ray! I don´t know if it will help as to be honest Oliver was always good with teeth brushing, but he seems to have gotten even better with a toothbrush he has that has music. He starts brushing when the music starts, then finishes when it stops. He finds it hilarious! Worth a try? I liked your September post! Can I ask if the Dinosaur books talk a lot about pooping as Oliver loves dinosaurs but he says the wear poo enough as it is haha!! xx


  3. What a great idea!! Elliott’s not old enough to understand just yet but when he is we will defo be doing something like this! Thanks for sharing! Suz x


    • Thank y0u Suz! Do try out sticker charts when he´s older as kids really enjoy them and they save you a lot of work too! 😉 Thanks for popping over and commenting


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