Kids Birthday parties are my social life…

Ok, so if you are a mum you will know that kid’s birthday parties end up being just about every other weekend when you have a class of nineteen kids, your class of twenty kids from last year and all the outside school friends, who also want your kid at their birthday party.

There is nothing my son likes more than a birthday party, especially since he is an only child and we don´t have any family living nearby.

Green Jumpsuit: Zara Sandles: Exe

Green Playsuit: Zara
Sandles: Exe


How can you not love that little face?

As you can see from my last post, I am loving any type of jumpsuit and playsuit at the moment, because they are just so versatile! They can be dressed up with a heel or down with a flat like my jewelled sandles.

Exe sandles

Oliver is wearing a toile de joie print from my kids clothing line, which again looks great dressed down with some jeans or can be dressed up with a white bermuda or some smart trousers.

It was also the first weekend my son has had a sleepover. He has had cousins stay over and an older friend but never someone from his class and I was curious to see how it would all work out. Would there be tantrums and crying for Mummy?

Boys being wheeled around the gallery of a local artist

I think I forgot how grown up my little boy is now and I was so happy to see how well he and his little friend played. I was also amazed when his friend wanted to get his PJ´S on at 6.15pm and asked for tea and bed! I think words failed me. My son ran in after that and reminded me that he was NOT tired and didn´t want to go to bed (he goes to bed at 9pm.) It´s definitely the difference between a ´Spanish´kid and an ´English´kid.

Although it would be nice to sometimes get such an early night, here in Spain, we don´t even go out to eat in Summer until 8.30pm at the earliest. A later bed time and a kid who is NEVER tired, means for us that we can enjoy the Spanish way of life together as a family. In fact, Oliver has only ever had a babysitter once, and we still go out for Dinner all the time.

Every family is different and kids adapt differently to their situation. I don´t know what this little boy´s mum would say about having my kid sleep over though…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….


Happy party season


4 thoughts on “Kids Birthday parties are my social life…

    • Yes Carolyn, it is sometimes like being on a permanent holiday. When I´m back in Kent it´s something I miss. Girly sleepovers are so much fun, boys just want popcorn and a film lol! xx


  1. Great to see how they grow up, isn’t it? Our girls can only do one Spanish night once in a while. Like you say: they are all different. 🙂


    • I know, Oliver is just a bag of beans, there is no tiring this little one. It fits in with our lifestyle though so I can´t complain, and the fact that he actually sleeps through the night is itself a blessing for us!!


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