Time for some St Patrick´s Day Crafts

With so much work on recently plus a really painful sciatic nerve that is making my back KILL, I haven´t had time for anything lately. My little man has also been off school sick, firstly with a nasty cough and then with a random temperature that never lead to anything. Due to all my commitments and my aches and pains Oliver has been getting in far too much TV time.

This morning I could hear Oliver and his Dad battling away over Oliver not wanting to help make breakfast, not wanting to go to school and moaning because he wanted to watch cartoons…again.

 I knew it was time to make a change. Mummy and Daddy had to put on their stricter boots and seriously limit TV time which meant that Mummy was going to have to cut down on work time and up the mummy-son time.

With Oliver being an only child, sometimes keeping him entertained can be quite a challenge, as YOU are the playmate. No sister to play with or bug and no brother to play with or wrestle…just Mum

With St.Patrick’s Day not too far away, I decided that Oliver and I would get started on some St.Patrick´s Day fun crafts. I´m an Irish descendent on my Dad´s side, and my brother is also married to an Irish girl but Oliver doesn´t know much about this side of our heritage so I thought I would share some of it with him.

First we got out the Globe and took a look at where Ireland was. I then showed him some pictures of Ireland on the Internet and I also showed him those members of our family who are Irish or of Irish descent, which made it a lot more interesting for him- being able to relate people to places. I showed him photos of us in Ireland with him as a baby which he thought was very cool and made him Spanish/English/Irish!

The first craft he tried his hand at making was a Shamrock with a Green Pepper


For this craft you will need:

A thickly sliced top of a Green Bell Pepper

Some green paint and a paintbrush

A medium-large sheet of paper

St Patricks

Start by cutting a thick area off the top of your pepper. Remove the seeds and pat the pepper dry to soak up any moisture.

Then get your little one to paint around the outer rim of the pepper

Turn it over carefully and make your shamrock mark on the paper.

They can the add the four inner lines afterwards if you prefer.

(You can also do this with a slice of Pepper that has no centre, although it´s slightly more messy.)

Activity Number Two

Oliver is a HUGE fan of rainbows, (so am I) so we couldn´t do a St.Patrick´s day craft without making a rainbow with a pot of Gold at the end.

There are so many ways you can do this craft, but Oliver just loves getting messy with finger painting so he made a ´fingerprint rainbow.´


Oliver got so carried away with his fingerprints that he kinda forgot to make the rainbow shape haha!

This craft also turned in to a lesson on primary colors as we had no Purple and had to mix up red and blue.

Oliver was blown away with the fact that he could mix colours up for a good reason!!

So, will any of you guys be celebrating St Patrick´s Day? How about trying these crafts out for fun even if you´re not celebrating, and give your kids something fun to do as they learn about another Country´s customs and maybe some primary colors along the way!



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