Life through a lens and Winter Coat ideas

This week has been a week of playing catch up with work as well as my family life.

For today´s post I´ll be doing a ´life through a lens´ which is basically a blogger´s way of giving you an insight into their week and some of the fashion happenings in their life, with the photos they took.

With my little man at home this week there´s been a lot of mummy-son styling aswell as some daddy-son styling.


I´m definitely feeling a 70´s and boho vibe right now in my wardrobe style, and I am a great believer in dressing how you feel.

I definitely needed some bright, cheery colours in my life at the moment but I also needed some glamour.


 I would say that I dress slightly ´more´ when I am visiting Cities (as I did this week,) than I would in our small coastal town, but I definitely don´t feel that I should dress down just because I live in a small place.

I love to dress my little guy in smart clothing, and I love that he chose to wear a bow-tie – he´s such a little fashionista.

IMG_7014 (1)

I am definitely not a fan of boys wearing tracksuits or jeans every day just because they are boys. If little guy is playing out in the garden, obviously he´ll be wearing jeans and a hoodie, but I definitely try to make sure he dresses up when he goes out.

I just love the way people used to dress children up  properly for occasions.

Obviously kids will be kids and having a very active boy means that his jeans and trousers have ripped knees within a week and his white shirt comes back with every possible stain on it after fifteen minutes.

I know some moms who directly will not dress up their boys because they stain everything, ( which is true,) but I feel that if I take the time to dress myself, (and yes I get mud stains on my white trousers when Oliver decides to jump up on me and tomato stains on my fur jacket when he cuts up his chicken and the sauce goes all over me,) then I should make the same effort to dress my son, stains or no stains.

My main priority when I´m dressing Oliver is that the clothes are practical for what we are doing. If we are going to a restaurant he will wear a shirt, if we´re going to play football at a park he´ll be in a t-shirt so he can move around freely.

When it comes to myself, I really wish I was one of those women who can wear sandles with her knit jumper when its 10 degrees outside and not freeze my behind off, but I seriously feel the cold.

This Winter I wanted to take more advantage of wearing layers. Layers are great when you will be moving from indoors and outdoors throughout the day, and for me layers start with a good coat or top layer.

Investing in statement coats means that you have more freedom with the clothes you wear in Winter. The inside of  houses shops and restaurants are usually quite warm so you can get away with wearing some spring clothes or not so heavy winter clothes underneath if you have a good coat to layer with once you step outside,

Here are some high.street coats I´m loving at the moment.

coat collage

Leopard Print Coat – Forever 21

Oversize White Coat – Mango

Kimono Coat – Zara

Military Parka – Mango

Brown Leather Coat – Mango

Black Aztec Coat – River Island

Checked Pink Coat – River Island

Draped Trench Coat – Forever 21

White Coat – Topshop

The Winter seems to be never-ending here at the moment so it´s certainly a good time to take advantage of the coats that are on sale as the warmer- weather clothes arrive in store.


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