Pre-Fall and Fashion Week trends for the Colder months

Nope, I didn´t fall off the face of the Earth, well nearly. I´ve been under the weather for a while now and my Doc put me on strict bed rest. Let me tell you, bed rest is the worse thing that can happen to you when you are a busy person.

I have had one person after another telling me to ´enjoy the break´ and ´how lucky I am to not have to do anything.´ I think at other points in my life where I didn´t have looming exams, thesis assignments, and a clothing line to keep on top of, this would have been a welcome break, but right now, this is torture!

So, writing from my bed, my Instagram has been pretty quiet; no outfits, no food ideas and not many lifestyle posts. That´s the joy of bed rest, it literally means you can walk to the bathroom and walk back again.

One thing I have been able to do is watch the goings on at Fashion Week.

There have definitely been some clear fashion trends for this upcoming Autumn/Winter 2015

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Collection

Shearling – This was everywhere in neutral hues. Here are some ways to wear this look during those cold months


Cubism – Squares, cubes and lines were all the rage in the pre-fall lines. I especially love tartan whether it´s in fashion or not so this is always a must for my wardrobe.


Here are some high street options for this look

1. Cape from River Island 2.Womes trosers from Zara 3.Mens trousers from ASOS

1. Cape from River Island
2.Womens trousers from Zara
3.Mens trousers from ASOS

Denim- Ok, denim never goes out of fashion, but on the catwalk this year, it came in every shape and size; in trousers, shirts and dresses – oh yes, the denim dress is back. Will I be succumbing to the denim dress? I can´t see it, but I am definitely loving the 70´s vibe in denim.

Look from Sonia Rykiel

Look from Sonia Rykiel

Boyish Charm – Tailored looks are here to stay, so for your Office looks you´re covered over this Winter season. These preppy looks are also a great alternative for a Dinner or chic weekend look.

Narciso Rodriguez   -

Narciso Rodriguez

Military Style

I have a love – hate relationship with this style. On the catwalks we were seeing military Greens, which I´m a fan of, Jackets with a 2nd World War- Officer feel, which is a great winter wardrobe piece and the dreaded (at least for me) Khaki prints like this one from Valentino.

Valentino   -

My eldest Brother was with the RAF Cadets and Army and I can only associate this look with him. I don’t know, maybe it´s the fact that it invokes the thought of War that puts me off, but I´m afraid this won´t be one of my Winter looks.

Altuzarra   -

Great Military style Look from Altuzarra

Bomber Squad : The 80´s bomber has been reinvented this Year with inspired fabrics for Autumn/Winter 2015. My favourite was this Bomber from Emilio Pucci, it´s still so feminine and can be worn with anything from Jeans to a dress on a cold Winter´s Day.

Emilio Pucci   -

High Street options for this look

1. White Bomber - Asos 2.Nike grey bomber 3. Paul Smith Mens bomber 4. Ralph Lauren floral bomber

1. White Bomber – Asos
2.Nike grey bomber
3. Paul Smith Mens bomber
4. Ralph Lauren floral bomber

Leopard Love – Okay so this is probably definitely my favourite look from the catwalk this year. Leopard print was everywhere from Coats and jackets to skirts and accessories. Leopard print looks good on everyone, blonde, brunette or red-head and comes in so many different styles.

These were my faves from the catwalk.

The best of Pre-Fall 2015, here:

Miu Miu Pre-fall

Altuzarra Pre-Fall 2015 - Slideshow

Altuzarra Pre-fall 2015

I always tell people that Leopard print, like many animal prints is a style you have to choose carefully to make sure it doesn’t look tacky.

Here are some street styles that got it just right with leopard print.

leopard collage

I will unfortunately be unable to raid the last of the sales this year as the Internet has literally nothing left on their websites 😦 over here. I have however been scowering asos for last-minute deals for both summer and Winter. Someone take this credit card away from me!!

So, we may all be wishing that summer weather would come our way asap, but in the mean time, it´s never too early to think about that Winter wardrobe!


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