Turkey Avocado Burgers and a Winter Outfit idea

It´s been a really hectic week in my house this week with my degree assessments looming, my clothing line in full swing, and the daily ins and outs of a family lifestyle.

The weather has been pretty awful here for the past couple of days, so just when I thought I could put away the Winter clothes and start looking forward to early Spring weather being on it´s way, gale – force winds throttled our little coastal town followed by sleet and, at the top of our mountain there was even a bit of snow!

I hate dressing for Winter as it involves so many layers, and I am much more a summer dress kind of gal…aren´t we all!

On Tuesday I hauled my fur gilets (I have about seven) back out of the wardrobe and layered up.

photo 5 (4)

Knit jumpers are a staple for my winter wardrobe as I feel the cold so much but I sometimes have problems finding ones that don´t look too heavy and don´t  look like I´m weighed down by them. I´ve found that v-neck and round, loose – neck jumpers tend to avoid this effect.

I have very pale skin in Winter so warm colors look best on me at the this time of the year. You´ll know whether your skin tone is warm as your veins will be green and your skin will have a yellow undertone. Cool toned skin means you have blue veins. I am warm-winter.

The problem is I have trouble finding warm colors at this time of year that aren´t black, which although I love, I don’t want to wear every day. If I do wear a lighter color, which tends to wash me out more, I try to add pops of color elsewhere like my bag, a necklace, a scarf or another accessory. I also find I have to wear some sort of tinted moisturizer on the days I wear lighter colors in Winter. (Nb: Don´t make yourself more tanned by using a darker foundation, always use a foundation that perfectly matches your skin color and bump up the color tone with a bronzer.)

photo 4 (11)

I always say that a Summer body is made in Winter and I am a big believer in exercising all year round and eating well all year around.

My typical weekly fruit and Veg shop from the Organic Farm right infront of my house - Lucky girl!

My typical weekly fruit and Veg shop from the Organic Farm right infront of my house – Lucky                                       girl!

photo 3 (12)

Last night I made some home – made, lean Turkey Burgers with avocado, and added a Baby Spinach, feta and red fruit salad as a side.

Lean turkey and Avocado Burgers with a Baby spinach, strawberry raspberry and feta cheese salad

Lean turkey and Avocado Burgers with a Baby spinach, strawberry, raspberry and feta cheese salad

The great thing about making your own burgers is that you can add just about anything.

Avocado can easily be hidden in the burgers when you have kids who wouldn´t touch them otherwise!

I have also made these burgers with feta and lemon, lentils, chickpeas  and just vegetables.

You will need:

Lean Turkey minced meat

1-2 eggs ( beaten) This depends on the amount of meat you are using 1 to ever 400-500 grams minimum

1 avocado to every 500 grams of meat

1 chopped garlic clove

salt and pepper to taste


Wickedly simple

Mix all the ingredients up, making sure that the avocado is well and truly blended but not squashed if you´re not giving it to kids

Roll parts of the mixture into a ball (golf ball size) and flatten out into a Pattie

Grill, turning over half way through

Nb The thinner you make the patties the quicker they will cook and the more you will have.

If you make up a big batch of these they are a great go-to food for packed lunches, and quick Dinners.

So keep healthy eating and let´s hope that this Winter weather passes soon and we can show off some of our hard, healthy work 😉


2 thoughts on “Turkey Avocado Burgers and a Winter Outfit idea

  1. Wow, thanks for this idea. It looks so lovely. And you reminded me that I should go to the organic farm as well. Will add it to my list.

    See you soon, busy lovely Jane. 🙂


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