Valentine´s day ideas

So, Valentine´s Day is a mere twelve days away. To be honest, Valentines day was never a really big thing in our house. This was probably more hubby´s fault than mine, as he was a bit cave-manish when it came to these sorts of celebrations during our first years together.

A kid later, and I was ready for some Valentine´s Day appreciation. So a couple of years back I started trying to make more of an effort on Valentine´s day, lets face it, partly in the hope that I might get some appreciation back….something….

It took a while but we went from my sister getting a call to see what I might want for a present to Nacho actually thinking about what I might like.

I am a BIG flower girl so I was very happy that hubby finally caught on that I didn´t want a plant – ´´because they last

longer´´ – and actually wanted that bouquet of flowers that didn´t last very long but smelt amazing and made me smile every time I walked past them.


Lily is by far my favorite flower

We even did the whole lingerie thing last year – okay so maybe Nacho is now using Valentine´s Day to his advantage!

As I´ve said before, my man has everything he wants/needs and I literally am stumped when it comes to gifts for him.

He never really minds me getting him some new clothes – although he always complains he doesn´t need them- so I really had to think about gifts that were different.

Despite his appearance, hubby is a softie at heart and seems to appreciate more a home-made gift than anything else.

They say food is the way to a man´s heart and in our case it´s totally true, so I have whipped up heart cookies, heart pancakes for breakfast, and do a special Valentines meal at night if we can’t get out to do something.

As a gift I often arrange a big day out for the family which would be perfect this year as Valentine´s day falls on a Saturday! For those of you who are a bit stumped or who are ready to try something new this Valentine´s Day, here are some ideas for you

REALLY REALLY CUTE. five senses-- taste: yummy chocolates or something; sight: photos or drawings??? i guess maybe. art???; touch: lotions and soft/squishy things; smell: candles, hand sanitiser, and/or bath bombs!!; sound: mixtape :))))

For those looking for a sensual Valentines why not try out a                                                    a five senses experience

could care less about the pancake recipe... I only like my own buttermilk pancakes (yes I'm a, but CUTE idea to do heart-shaped...... I'm so unimaginative.

Try some heart pancakes from Martha Stewart for those                                                         foodies

i like the one inside the car. just get a bunch of pillows for leaning on and blankets for laying on

Weather permitting, how about a romantic Picnic. This can be just the two of you, or something fun for the whole family, check out the DatingDivas Ideas

love the Moroccan style indoor picnic...cute & different date for valentine's day

We have also even done an indoor picnic if the weather is too cold – and                      right now that´s all we could do here!

Whatever you decide to do this Valentine´s Day, have fun, enjoy the people you love and if there´s no possibility for a romantic one on one date, make it a family affair and enjoy the love you have between all of you!

Get planning Ladies and Gents, not long now!


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