Boys Birthday Party Themes

We seem to have a birthday Party every weekend at the moment. What I notice when we go to girl´s Birthday Parties, is that there is a general theme of pink, Princesses or Frozen at the moment.

When you have a boy, you wonder just what you can do for a themed birthday party. It took Oliver until he was four to stick with one (ish) theme, as his answer every year had been ´I don´t know,´or ´An Animals, Dinosaurs, Cars party,´ which is pretty difficult to organise.

For Oliver´s first ´proper´ birthday party we decided on a jungle theme

IMG_4822 IMG_4755 IMG_4846 IMG_4843

I got a lot of ideas and printables from Pinterest to help with this theme

I got some inspiration from my party from Amongst others

I got some inspiration from my party from
Amongst others

We live in quite a small town but if you are living somewhere like America, it would be great to get someone with some live animals like a monkey, some tropical Parrots etc to come do a little show for the kids.

Another year,  Oliver wanted a Knights and Dragons party.


Oliver´s Birthday Cake by Ximena Orozco Tartas y                                 Mas

My old laptop is down so I can’t get hold of the photos of all the little Knights and Dragons bits and pieces we did, but we basically had lots of swords and a table for making your own shields for the boys, and Princess crowns and wands for the girls. We also had an actual Castle Bouncy Castle and lots of Knights and Dragons games. All the food was themed, and we had gold cups and plates aswell as knives and forks.

Here are some of the places I gathered my ideas from. boysandjoys.blogspot

This year, Oliver was very sure that he wanted a superhero party. He was also sure that it had to be a Spiderman, Batman, Superman Party.

So, we chose as the color theme red black, blue and yellow.


You can see my full Pinterest board for a superhero Party here

Here is a snippet of some ideas from the board


My Mum and Dad were kind enough to help me make the telephone box as I was still fragile from my Operation.

We made it from an old fridge cardboard box. So simple,yet the kids enjoyed it so much.

Check out my Pinterest for more Boy Birthday ideas like a Camping Birthday or a Bug Birthday.

Have fun thinking up your Boy Birthday Parties


3 thoughts on “Boys Birthday Party Themes

    • Nacho laughs at me when I swoon over pretty girl parties. A girl’s got to dream! For now it’s more Fighting Ninjas than Frozen. That’s why I have so many friends with beautiful girls, so I can still enjoy all that glitter, pink and Frozen costumes 😉


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