Creating the perfect Vignette

Creating the perfect what? Some of you might ask. The word Vignette has many meanings, but in this case I´m talking about the verb vignette, used when talking about vignette styling. It´s basically a way of decorating an empty surface to make a display of some stylish objects.

Creating the perfect vignette is about as easy as styling a bookcase, and for anyone who´s ever styled and re-styled a bookcase over and over to find it still doesn´t look anything like those magazine photos you found, you´ll know just how challenging this can be.

photo 5 (3)

This is one of my bookcases which I re-styled countless times until I was finally happy with the finished effect

I am a huge fan of vignette styling and have them literally placed all over the house.

photo 4 (10)

photo 3 (11)

The idea with a vignette can be completely decorative – just a way of styling the top of a table/dresser/space so that it doesn´t look so plain, or it can be completely functional – a way of organising the objects you have scattered over a surface.

My bedroom is one of the most neglected rooms in my house right now. To be honest it´s way too big, which means that decorating it involves lots of ´big´ furniture and decor which I just haven´t gotten around to shopping for yet.

At the moment I´m trying to make small changes to the room whenever I get five minutes, which isn´t that often these days.

My side-tables have recently become the place for my skin – routine products. Basically, if they´re not by my bed at the moment, I´m too exhausted to use them – not good. So, I make sure they are right by me, so that whether I´m reading, working (yes, lately I even do that in bed) or watching the TV, there´s no excuse.

So my side-tables went from nothing having a place,

photo 1 (14)

To everything being organised with a tray I picked up in the Zara Home sales

photo 2 (16)photo 1 (15)

It makes a big difference when you walk into a room and everything is organised and in it´s place. As the saying goes ´ A place for everything , and everything in its place.´  This saying is so true. When things are in the right place they are easier to find and, when things are neatly organised, you are more likely to keep them that way.

I COVET THEE: Bedside Beauty

Trays are a great way of organising things,

small shop for @Jò in Wonderland and Revelry, 5 tray styling tips, gold silver tray, chinois handles, books, peonies, urchin, matchbooks

They are especially useful for coffee tables

There are ofcourse, as with any sort of house styling, a few tricks of the trade with vignettes.

The first has to do with the wall space behind where you are styling your vignette. You should always go for vertical impact when you can. This means using a piece of art or a mirror at the back to create height, which elongates the space and gives more impact.

Gorgeous styling is part of great Hamptons style - see how this vignette is layered and balanced to perfection

Sawhorse-style console table, bottle lamp, alarm clock, plant, old books, woven basket

Jenny Wolf Interiors

Secondly, make things A- symmetrical. Too much symmetry makes things look stiff. Try and group things by odd numbers for greater impact.

Rolling Pin Vignette Small Moments   The Art of Creating Vignettes

When it comes to the objects you can use for styling, try these tips from Tiffany Leighton interior Designs

Tiffany Leigh Interior Design: Vignette Styling 101

The most important thing is reflecting your style in your vignettes. They say you can tell a lot about someone and their style by looking at the objects they use in their vignettes 😉

So, what does your vignette style say about you?

Happy styling everyone


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