Looking after your hair with the right products

A couple of months back I decided to add some mid-length highlights to my hair in a sort of caramel blonde.

photo 1 (13)

It was a subtle change because I was sure that I didn´t want highlights from the roots. I really don´t like the huge contrast with dark roots and the upkeep can be draining if you are short on time. Mid-length highlights only have to be re-done every three to four months if you want to, due to color fading.  I also wouldn´t advise highlights from the roots for anyone with dark hair that is starting to go grey at the roots (too much upkeep and stress on the hair)

Here Gisele has highlights and Lowlights starting from the roots. I think this often looks like tiger stripes and seems to weigh the hair down.

This is the Ombre effect, where the whole of the bottom half of the hair is a shade or two lighter. I tried this (by accident) before the highlights but I wore my hair in a bun a lot at the time, and I didn´t like the effect of dark brown roots and a caramel bun plopped on top.

This is the same effect I went for, which as you can see is slightly more subtle than the Ombre effect.

As with all hair colors, especially those where you are lightening your color, it does take a toll on your hair. I never believe a Hairdresser when they say that the colors they use won´t damage your hair because they contain x and y not z. ( I don´t believe them because when there was only z, they also claimed that that didn´t damage your hair either.)

I´ve tried a lot of shampoos, as I have dry, frizzy ends and quite unruly hair. Joy! I tend to stay away from any brand that is sold in the Supermarket.

I remember the first time I tried a Kerastase Shampoo at a friend´s house. I was seventeen and I had been using store-bought shampoos for at least three years. I couldn´t believe what a difference the shampoo made to my unruly hair. I remember quickly writing down the name and searching for it on the Internet. Of course I was young and on a budget and when I saw the price it scared me off.

When I started out modelling it was great; I was doing jobs for lots of hair companies like Wella and Lóreal, and I was getting all these free shampoos and products. What I soon noticed was that the products I was being given, and that were being used on me were not the products I could buy in the shops, but professional products.

I asked one stylist on a shoot whether there was actually a big difference. She explained to me that both salon and store shampoos share the same basic ingredients but that it´s a bit like wine. If you want to pay €4 for a bottle it won´t taste the same as a €30 bottle, but they´re both made from grapes. Salon products are more concentrated – meaning you need to use less product and they usually contain less parabens and sulfates which is better for your hair in the long run.

Up until now my favourite shampoo is Redken, Smooth Lock

photo 2 (15)

I also tried the Diamond Oil Shampoo and Hair Mask but I found they were too strong and really weighed  down my hair.

photo 3 (9)

Redken shampoo isn´t cheap and I have heard on shoots recently that as an alternative, Fekkai shampoo is amazing and slightly cheaper. The only problem is I can´t find it in Spain. So if you know where to get it please let me know!

Frederic Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Shampoo | Bloomingdale's

I went through a stage of trying Paraben and Sulfate free shampoos, but they really just didn´t get my unruly hair clean enough and made it drier than it already is.

For the boys however I always buy them Naked Shine Shampoo, available from Boots.

photo 1 (12)

It smells great and is 97% natural, with no parabens or sulfates. My boys don´t use hair products and with such short hair they really don´t need much in their shampoos and the more natural, the better. This is also a great option for your baby´s  hair – Try reading the back of a Johnson and Johnson ´No Tear´ shampoo and you will see why your baby is rubbing their eyes and crying – it´s full of chemical products!

Twice a week I also use a hair Mask for dry hair and I make my boys use one for normal hair.

It´s important to use a hair mask at least once a week, and the most important thing is using it properly. A Hair mask shouldn´t be used like a conditioner, although it´s oh so tempting when you´re short on time. First, you should pat your hair dry before applying the mask. Although it may say leave for 2-3 minutes, the longer you leave the mask, the better. Put your hair in a shower cap to stop it dripping down your back and get out of the shower. Get dry and use this time to apply that face mask you keep telling yourself you´ll use and don´t or to apply your body moisturizer etc. After 10-20 minutes wash it out.

This may seem like ´time you don´t have´ but your hair will thank you in the long run 😉

The last process should always be a heat spray if you are going to use any sort of heat or styling tool. These are some of the best products from around the web

kelly mau luxury fashionblogger haircare schwarzkopf redken panteneprov collage1 7 steps to more healthy hair

I have only tried the GHD spray out of all of these and I´m happy with this spray.

Top 10 Best Heat Protection Hair Sprays For Styling Hair

These are all heat protectors for the summer months. Especially if you have colored hair, a product like this if you are on the beach a lot is a must. I also use a bandana or scarf on my hair when I´m at the beach to minimise sun damage and protect my color for longer. I have tried the Redken product, Color Extend Sun which works a treat. I haven´t tried the Sebastian Professional Mist but I used to get a lot of free products from them on shoots and they were always fantastic. ( I once had my hair made to look like a Hedge for an advert – literally – and then had to try to make my hair normal again at home – all I had to do was use the shampoo once and my hair literally fell out of it´s hedge formation and back to normal straight away = GODSEND.)

Ofcourse it´s also important to nourish your hair from the inside, so if salads and fruit aren´t your thing in Winter try to eat as many vegetables as possible, even if it’s in soup and smoothie form and make sure you are taking some sort of vitamin supplement. I´d also advise anyone who finds their locks looking a bit worse for wear, to get their iron and hormone levels  checked regularly, as they can really fluctuate in some women and make a big difference to the state of your hair.

So Ladies, don´t abandon your hair under a hat all Winter, and take advantage of more time at home by pampering your hair to get it ready to shine in Summer.


5 thoughts on “Looking after your hair with the right products

  1. I heard they are taking the whole Smooth Lock line off the shelves after the Redken Symposium in January.. I noticed how you liked the diamond oil but thought it was too heavy. Redken just came out with new diamond oil shine that is lightweight and for more fine textures.. Sending love❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh no don´t tell me that!! My stylist told me they´ve sent all their Diamond Oil products back as they weren´t happy with the results. I´ll have to check out the Diamond oil shine in that case. xx


      • Yeah I know! Smooth Lock is the only shampoo and conditioner I use.. I’m glad my salon stocked up on it though so I will at least have it for awhile.. I’ve heard wonders about the new high shine diamond oil. If you do try it, let me know how it goes


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