Last-Minute Healthy Dinner Ideas

Today was a busy day in our house with The Three Kings having arrived last night 😉 I am also still washing clothes and getting the house sorted after two weeks away from home.

I think I must have been a very good girl this year as Hubby bought me this fab watch.

You can´t really appreciate how gorgeous this Pink Gold color is here as it was so dark :( I´ll Instagram and Twitter abetter photo soon

You can´t really appreciate how gorgeous this Pink Gold color is here as it was so dark 😦 I´ll Instagram and Twitter a better photo soon

I´ve been after a pink-gold watch for ages from Michael Kors and Nacho hit the nail on the head with this one.

We focused on getting Oliver books for Three Kings as he got so many toys this Christmas, that half of them will go in the wardrobe to be rationed out throughout the year!

It´s so cute listening to Oliver try to read these books to himself.

It´s so cute listening to Oliver try to read these books to himself.

 At the last-minute some wonderful friends and their daughter decided to stop by for an early Dinner but I was up to my eyeballs with work today, so I wanted to prepare something that was Healthy (we ate way too much over Christmas,) that would satisfy my Carnivores, and that I could get together reasonably quickly.

I decided to do a Roast Chicken, Roasted Spicy Garbanzos, a big Salad and a Home-made Pizza.

A lot of people seem to think that a Roast Chicken is a lot of work – but it really is the simplest thing to do, has little prep work and any leftovers can make so many different meals.

photo 4 (4)

I always use these Roasting Bags (Bolsas para Asar) that you can find in any Spanish Supermarket. After washing the Chicken I add spices and herbs to the Bag, give it a shake and get on with the Roasting.

You will need:

1 Organic Chicken

1 teaspoon Salt

1 teaspoon Pepper

1 teaspoon Dried Oregano

2 teaspoons of fresh Coriander

Fresh Rosemary

1 teaspoon Paprika

1 teaspoon Dried Onion

2 cloves of Garlic

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil


Wash Chicken and Pre-heat Oven to 220C. Place all herbs and Spices in Roasting Bag, close with provided clips and shake to coat Chicken. Put in the Oven for 1 hour at 220C .

I also roasted the Garbanzo beans at the same time

You will need:

1 500g Jar of garbanzos

1 tablespoon of Tabasco Sauce

2 Tablespoons of Olive or Canola Oil.


Drain and wash the Garbanzo Beans and pat them dry (be careful not to squash them!) Lay them out in a small oven-proof dish on Baking Paper. Mix Oil and Tabasco Sauce together and drizzle over Garbanzos, then mix thoroughly.

Roast in the Oven for 40 minutes. Make sure you move the Garbanzos around so that they all Roast evenly.

photo 2 (9)

I always prefer to make my own Pizzas as I usually make a home-made base with Courgette rather than a normal Pizza base which is a bit healthier. Today I was really stuck for time so I had to use one of the Buitoni fresh dough bases. These don´t contain any preservatives or coloring (unlike most of the frozen pre-made Pizza bases.)

You can either top your Pizza with a home-made Tomato Sauce or as I had to today, a pre-done tomato sauce or´Tomate Frito´as it´s known here. I´ll post a home-made Tomato Sauce Recipe this week which is a lot healthier.

I topped my Pizza with Serrano Ham, Goat´s Cheese and Rocket

Tablecloth from my Home Collection coming soon

Tablecloth from my Home Collection- coming soon

Tablecloth from my Home Collection- coming soon

I also threw together one of my favorite Salads

photo 5 (2)

I use rocket, fresh Spinach, Red Onion, Green Grapes (halved) and Feta Cheese for this Salad. I didn´t add a dressing as I served this Salad with some of the Roast Chicken and Chickpeas, which gives it a great mix of flavors.

In fact everyone ate the Salad on the side it tasted that good.

You can ofcourse add a dressing, perhaps a vinegar and Honey dressing? Yum!

My friend Ximena was also kind enough to bring us some Nacho´s and a fantastic Potato and Courgette Spanish Omelette!

Healthy, Filling and Quick

Healthy, Filling and Quick

I´m definitely a fan of home-cooking, it´s so much healthier and if you plan things right, it can actually save time!

I´ll be posting soon about food-prepping healthy meals and Freezing meals for time-saving.

Happy Three Kings to you all, and get home-cooking 😉


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