Reyes Magos! The three Kings have arrived in Spain!

Today is ´Reyes´ or ´Three Kings´ in Spain, which means that the Three Kings will come tonight and leave presents for the children, a bit like Santa.

Oliver was over the moon to find we´d be celebrating Christmas all over again, and that there would be even more presents! With Oliver´s birthday in October and celebrating Christmas three times in three places this Year, we have a present overload at our house, so I´ll be posting soon on organising kids toys!

photo (19)

Oliver is wearing a Tommy Hilfiger Jumper I       picked up in the sales in Madrid!

It was pretty cold here today, so my Hoss Coat came out of the wardrobe, along with my ´Pamela´ Hat.

photo 2 (7)photo 5 (1)

There are few countries like Spain for celebrating Fiestas, and even in my little Coastal town, they still put on a great parade for the kids.

Three Kings Parade

Mary, Joseph and Jesus arrived                  first by Sea

photo 3 (4) photo 2 (8)

                                      Then the Three Kings arrived by Sea and mounted their horses for the Parade. Oliver loved the fact that the Police Boat brought the Kings to the shore!

Ofcourse, we´re right on the beach front here, so little man couldn´t resist throwing some pebbles in to the sea and running wild around the beach.

photo 1 (8)

Oh how I wish I was that age again!

Felizes Reyes a todos!


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