Making New Years Resolutions

So it´s that time of Year again, where we make New Year´s resolutions and hope we can keep to them for at least a month.

I´ve got some clear goals for 2015 and I´m so excited to see them through.

The first thing I have done this 2015, is take advantage of a Journal I got over christmas to write down my goals and to keep track of them throughout the year

.How about one of these journals for your Goals?

1. Saffiano refillable, Aspinal of London €55-€120 2. Midsummer Night Journal John Lewis £14 3. Paperchase £10

1. Saffiano refillable, Aspinal of London €55-€120
2. Midsummer Night Journal John Lewis £14
3. Dark Romance NotebookPaperchase £10

My first resolution is losing the extra weight I put on following my operation. This ofcourse means lots of updates on healthy meal ideas and fitness 😉 After moving around so much this Christmas I´m really ready to get fit ASAP and get back to eating a healthy, Organic diet.

My second resolution is getting down to business with my new Kids and Home line. Here´s a sneay peak at some of the fabrics I´ve been checking out here in Madrid.


My third Resolution is to finish the first year of an Englih Literature Degree I took on in October. I took this on before the whole operation fiasco this Summer and I´ve really had to push myself to keep up with everything.

My fourth resolution is having Baby Number two. I can call this a resolution as we are just starting off on our IVF journey, which I will update you all with. So it´s fingers, toes and everything crossed for us here.

My last resolution is the same resolution I have made for the last five years and I have managed (I think) to keep to it every year; To try to be the best person I can be for both my family and friends and to enjoy life to it´s fullest.

Okay, so this year I´m planning on doing a Foundation Degree, getting fit again, having Baby number 2 and getting my New Lines up and out there. It´s a big feat, but if anyone can do it, we can Ladies.

Power to multi-tasking Mummys!


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