What to wear to a casting call

I have a job coming up next week, and it´s quite far from home. Luckily I didn´t have to audition for this job as after a while people specifically ask for you if you have done lots of jobs and/or they may be happy to pick you based on your portfolio.

For those jobs that do still require castings, it brings back memories of the fear I used to have about the ´right´clothing to wear for an audition.

There are definitely some do´s and don´ts for this field.


1. Wear your hair as natural as possible. Okay, if you have frizzball hair, straighten and tame it but if you have tight curls, don´t go to an audition with poker straight hair. The reason for this is that most employers won´t be happy if they´ve taken you on for a job specifically for your straight hair at the casting and then find that they have to waste three hours trying to straighten it on the day of the shoot.

2. Wearing your hair up is fine if it suits your face better. Be prepared however for the casting Director to ask you to put your hair down- i.e If you are going to have an awful kink in your hair, or you´ve put in so much gel your hair stays back in a quiff when you put it down- then don´t wear it up.

3. Also remember that if you have long hair in all your portfolio pictures, do not cut your hair short then not bother getting new portfolio photos done. You are picked for a casting based on your portfolio, and if they choose a long, blonde-haired, girl they don´t want a brunette with a pixie cut turning up to the casting instead.



A black strappy top is always a great idea for a models wardrobe. Black is a slimming color and spaghetti straps show off your arms and collar bones. You can also choose a simple, black, long sleeve top in Winter or something in white if you don´t look washed out when your skin is pale.

I would advise against any prints or really bold colors. You don´t want your clothes to catch the Director´s eye more than you as a  model. You may also be asked to pose against a certain backdrop or with a certain prop that looks wrong with the color of your clothes.

I have seen lots of girls turn up to auditions with a suitcase of clothes to change into, (often because they come from agencies that really don´t have a clue.) You do not need to take a specific change of clothes like a bikini to an audition, unless you are specifically asked too. Your Agency should know whether or not you have to take clothing with you and just incase, I always ask my Agency for specifics.


Nude color underwear is a great idea for a casting as you never know what you will be asked to model. Nude underwear doesn´t show under most clothes and let´s face it, it doesn´t look nice if you are wearing bright pink knickers and you are asked to model a see-through white dress for your casting photos. I also always take a strapless bra in my handbag just incase.

Imagen 1 de Tanga Perfectly Fit de Calvin Klein


Skinny Jeans are always a staple for my wardrobe as well as a pair of skinny black trousers for Winter castings.

In Summer it´s a great time to show off your legs, so go for a denim short or shorts in black or white. Again, try to avoid lots of patterns and mini-skirts as they can be very awkward to pose in.


Unless you are 5´11 plus, a heel is a must for any casting. I always walk to my castings in flats and then change at the door into my highest heels. By highest heels I don´t mean heels you can´t walk in, just sensible heeled shoes that you can do a catwalk in aswell as pose in without breaking your neck.


Agency Auditions

I would say that Agency Auditions don´t have such strict ´rules´with regards to hair and clothing. Obviously wear something that flatters you and don´t cover yourself up too much. At the end of the day, the Agency know what they are looking for and they´ll be able to see talent regardless of what you´re wearing.

Having said that, an Agency (or any casting Director on a job) will not appreciate you turning up with dirty hair, bag-lady clothes or really bad skin. Modeling is a job, and if you take it seriously, you have to look after yourself, your hair and your skin.

For any questions about starting off in the Industry, auditions and agencies, leave a comment and I´ll create posts relevant to those topics.

Good Luck at your castings


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