Let them climb those mountains

When the Doctor told me I was expecting a boy, I felt such a huge wave of emotions.

My first thoughts were, ´How am I going to bring up a boy? I don´t know anything about boys.´ What I did know, I had learnt from two older brothers, which varied from running over my dolls with a bike to frowning at each and every boy who talked to us or even entered into a 4 mile radius. I was petrified; I am such a ´girly girl´and I really didn´t know how I would adapt.

Of course, when they place that little bundle in your arms, it´s irrelevant what sex they are, you just fall in love with them.

Oliver´s first christmas

Oliver´s first christmas

But now, five years later, I am so grateful for having had a boy first. Mainly, because I don´t know if I would have had another child if Oliver had been a girl, and I know now that I would have missed out on one of the greatest gifts a mum can receive; the love and connection between a mother and their son.

As anyone with boys knows, there´s not a moment of peace, and you need to constantly be on the go if you want them to use up all that bottled energy.

Today´s post ´Let them climb those mountains´ is inspired firstly by my son´s need to climb every tree/wall/ladder he can find..

photo (9)

Secondly, it is inspired by the difficulty we face as mothers, in letting our children do those things we know will probably end in tears, like playing ninja´s with their best friends or cycling full speed down a steep hill.

It also signifies the amount of times we will have to let our children fall, just so that they learn to pick themselves up again, and the amount of times we will see that mountain they are climbing and we will just have to sit back and watch them climb it, hoping someday they will reach the top and waiting at the bottom should they need to come back down.

Being a mum to a boy isn´t an easy job; there are car races instead of pony rides and ninja wars instead of tea parties, but when that mud covered, bundle of noise with cars in every pocket gives you a big hug and tells you you´re the best mum in the world, you wear your Nerf gun with pride and live to fight another day, that much more enriched for having them in your life.

So, here is to all those mums of boys; may your boys find mountains to climb, and may you forever have the opportunity to scale them with them.


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