The latest tools in the world of Baby Gear

As we start thinking about Baby no.2, I am amazed at the amount of gadgets out there that weren´t around when my little man was born (or at least I didn´t know about them.)

2. The Baby Nes, a baby nespresso machine

1. The Baby Nes, a baby espresso machine

woombie for better sleeping habits

2. woombie for better sleeping habits

4.Why cry Baby Analyser

4.Why cry Baby Analyser

I phone Baby monitor

I phone Baby monitor

5. The L´il helper bottle holder

5. The L´il helper bottle holder

6. Baby flower bath

6. Baby flower bath

I know these things would have made my life just that bit less stressful.

1) The Baby Nes will mix your baby bottles to a perfect temperature. No more wandering around, half asleep in the dark, waiting for the water to cool as your baby tests out his lungs at 3am.

2)The ´woombie´ is perfect for babies who like to be swaddled. If you think about it, it makes sense. Lots of babies wake themselves up with a natural reflex that causes them to kick out with their arms and legs. It does look a bit like a baby straight jacket though 😛

3) This ´baby cry analyser´ seems way too good to be true. This supposedly puts an end to those ´I´ve tried everything and I still don´t get why you´re crying?´moments, by letting you know straight away what each baby cry means. Apparently it´s 90% effective but I´d have to see it to believe it.

4)I-phone Baby Monitor. This is pretty expensive, but for those who are I-phone- gadget mad, this is a great toy.

5) To be honest I think my son could hold his bottle pretty well by himself at a young age – hungry baby! For those babies who can´t, this is a good solution.

6) I will definitely be getting this for my next baby. We bathed Oliver in our large bathroom sink for at least the first year if not two years as it was the perfect size for him and a lot easier than hunching over the bath. I don´t think though that the sink was that warm for his little bottom and we had to put our hands behind him so that he didn´t bang himself on the sides. This little flower however, looks so comfy and inviting I wouldn´t mind one myself 😉

I feel Baby number two being easier already. What about you? What would have made your life easier with your first child?


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