Spanish living for a modern mum

If someone had told me ten years ago I would be living in a small coastal town in Spain with my hubby and an amazing five year old son, I probably would have kept drinking my Starbucks Coffee and classed you as a lunatic.

Now? I don´t think I´d have things any other way. Okay, maybe I could do with a Starbucks and less than a 45 minute journey to anything remotely like city life, but with the traffic in London it would probably take me that long to get anywhere anyway right?

Modern mums are usually, like me, Jacks of all trades. These days I work as a model when I can (long days and travelling aren´t always that easy on minimum sleep and school runs) as well as teaching English to people from all walks of life, whilst (watch this space) creating my own kid´s clothing line for today´s modern mums and kids.

So just how do modern mums fit in all these multiple facets of their lives? Well,sometimes we just don´t. There are days I can juggle just about anything you throw at me and there are days when being a mum is about all I can manage.

” So for those days you can do it all and for those where just getting through the day is pretty darn awesome, come join me on this journey, where I´ll share my lifestyle snippets, from fashion and beauty to all things home and kids. “

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